• Pleasant climate, varied landscapes
  • Country of history and culture
  • Well-developed infrastructure (highways, airports, TGV – high speed trains etc.)
  • High-level services
  • High-level healthcare system (France is the 3rd country in Europe devoting a substantial portion of his GDP to Health)
  • Well-equipped Hospitals and Clinics all over the country, using the most up-to-date methods of diagnosis and care
  • Possibility of professional and personal development
  • A privileged tax regime, mainly for families with children: in France, 18% will be monthly deducted from the gross salary (social security contributions etc.). Since the 1st of January 2019 the income-tax called “IRPP” is also automatically deducted from the gross salary each month and it figures directly on the payslip of each Employee, representing between 10 – 15% of additional deductions, taking into consideration the personal and family status of each taxpayer (level of income, marital status, number of children, etc)

  • At a full-time position a Specialist has got at least 25 days of holidays + 20 days of R.T.T (Reductions of working time representing days of rest) + 8 days are foreseen for professional trainings

  • Income of a good level from the very beginning, in Public Hospitals starting with a gross salary of 4800 EUR + very well-payed on-call / duty system. For requested Specialties and/or for Specialists with several years of previous experience Public Hospitals are ready to offer higher salaries, even from the beginning. Specialists working in a Clinic and/or in their own private practice can foresee a gross income of 8000-9000 EUR per month, but we have also Candidates with very requested Specialties who earn 12000-13000 EUR per month or more.
  • A Contractual Practitioner can become soon a Hospital Practitioner offering him/her a permanent contract with the opportunity to practice during 20 % of his/her working time as a Private Specialist in the Hospital. After this “exam” all his/her professional career will be taken into account in order to assess his/her level of income
  • Several possibilities of professional trainings (even for another Specialist Degree) are proposed and financed by the Hospitals
  • Hospitals often provide their freshly recruited Specialists with a flat for a few months, when it’s completely free, or they have to pay a lower rent.

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Dr Alexandre O.

Urologist, Grand-Est Region, France

I am currently working as a Urologist in the Grand-Est Region of France.
I have previously practiced in Bulgaria and in Quebec, Canada.
Thank you very much, Zsuzsanna, for your help and support during the recruitment process, especially given the maze of administration and bureaucracy in which it is a real challenge to navigate!
I will encourage my colleagues to benefit from your skills, professionalism, and dedication!

Dr Şerban Mihai TUDOR and Dr Irina Livia TUDOR,

ENT Specialists, Grand-Est Region, France

The whole process was exemplarily conducted on every level and, most of all, incredibly easy all thanks to Bora EGV Recruitment. Every step was carefully explained and managed so that we encountered no obstacles. Everything, from contacting the Hospital to paperwork and even the trips and plane tickets were all taken in charge by Bora EGV Recruitment. Even after we commenced working and living in France, we were helped with our documents so that we could enjoy our new life. We would strongly recommend Bora EGV Recruitment because it is simply exemplary.


General Practitioner and Physiotherapist, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Region, France

We recommend Bora EGV Recruitment with good heart and with gratitude to all Physicians and Health Care workers who intend to settle and to practice in France. We are a General Practitioner and Physiotherapist couple and we left our native country with two young children. Zsuzsanna BONY-RÁKÓCZI supported us with her tailor-made services, she helped us to manage in the maze of the bureaucracy and she always provided us with updated information. Her professionalism has removed a lot of weight from our shoulders.
Our colleagues in France know her very well and appreciate her work, in this way we could go ahead even more smoothly. We are still in contact with Zsuzsa and if we have any question, she is always available.
We are very thankful that we could work together with Her and we wish that she could find always so much pleasure and satisfaction in her job and we wish she could help with so much enthusiasm Candidates and their Families in the future, too!


General Practitioner, ENT Specialist, Occupational Doctor Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, France

I replied to the ad published by Bora EGV Recruitment looking for Doctors for France. I applied as a General Practitioner by them and I got in touch with Zsuzsa Bony-Rákóczi. Already during our first contact she seemed to be very correct, precise and sympathetic. I could later experience in live that all the information she provided me earlier was complete and correct. She helped me in everything, she knows very well the maze of the bureaucraty in my home country and in France and due to her good contacts she is able to manage and to strongly support our interests. It isn’t easy matter for a Doctor coming from another country to get the registration by the College of Doctors in France. She was very efficient also in that regard and she managed that with professionalism.
We are still in friendly terms and if I need some help, she is always available.
I appreciate a lot Zsuzsa Bony-Rákóczi both on a human and professional level. I highly recommend Her and her company to those who would like to find a job in France as GP or Specialists.




Le Gouvernement Français se mobilise en faveur de la promotion de la santé „La santé est un état de complet bien-être physique, mental et social, et ne consiste pas seulement en une absence de maladie ou d'infirmité.” Cette définition de l’Organisation Mondiale de...